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About FOM Networks

Facility Online Manager (FOM) was initially designed by Dr. Shuyou Li in 2002. As a TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) manager himself, Dr. Li is familiar with every aspects of facility management and instrument sharing. He implemented solutions to these aspects perfectly in the design of FOM. One year later in September 2003, FOM was copyrighted by Northwestern University. Northwestern University still holds the FOM copyright now, and FOM Networks, Inc. has the exclusive right to market FOM software.

Since the first version of FOM, Dr. Li never stops working on FOM. More and more facility management scenarios are considered; more and more features are added.

In March 2009, Dr. Li organized a team to start FOM Networks. And soon the second version of FOM based on Java/JSP was launched. The second version of FOM presented all the functions of version one with more flexibility. The professional re-design of database structure and algorithm makes the second version of FOM runs more stable and faster.

FOM was a success from the first day. So far FOM has been licensed to seventeen universities and more than 10 core facilities at Northwestern Unversity.

The word is spreading. More and more core facilities are considering to benefit from FOM.

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