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Manage shared instruments with ease.
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FOM License Types

Features Free License[1] Basic License Standard License Enterprise License
Support unlimited number of instruments Y Y Y Y
Unlimited number of users Y Y Y Y
Comsumable sales and inventory management Y Y Y Y
Instrument configuration Y Y Y Y
Email to various group of users Y Y Y Y
User Surveys Y Y Y Y
Statistic reports $300/report Y[3] Y[3] Y[3]
Dedicated server at customer site   Y[2] Y[2] Y[2]
No advertisements   Y Y Y
Billing   Y Y Y
User's report   Y Y Y
Supervisor's report   Y Y Y
User financial account validation[5]   Y Y Y
Instrument access controls     Y[4] Y[4]
Magnetic card login[5]     Y Y
Electric door lock control[5]     Y Y
Support multiple facilities       Y
Single Sign On with employee ID[5]       Y
Initial License $0 $1,000 $5,000 $15,000
Customization, Installation, and Training $100[6] $50/hr[6] $50/hr[6] $150/hr[6]
Annual license renewal from 2nd year $0 $500[7] $500[7] $1,500[7]
Free License
Basic License
Standard License
Enterprise License

All price amounts are in US Dollars.
[1] FOM Networks, Inc has the right to terminate the free online services at any time.
[2] FOM needs Java/JSP environment and Microsoft database server, which is not included. Basic and standard license holders may choose to FOM Networks, Inc hosted service with additional hosting fee of $25/month.
[3] Standard reports are provided. If a customer requires special type of reports, additional charge may apply based on customization rate.
[4] Access control boxes are sold separately at $200/pc (controls up to 2 instruments) or $450/pc (controls up to 8 instruments).
[5] Additional customization charge may apply.
[6] Charge depends on actual time spent. FOM provides detailed installation manual so customer may choose self-installation. Charge rate will be three times listed rate if on-site meetings are needed and customer pays traveling cost. The installation fee for free license is fixed. No customization or training available for customers with free licenses.
[7] Annual license renewals are mandantary and include free upgrades, bug fix, and 12 hours limited technical support. If additional technical support hours are needed, additional charge will apply at the customization rates listed.

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