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Manage shared instruments with ease.
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Why FOM?

Why FOM? It will automate all the tedious tasks that you can think of when managing shared resources in a scientific laboratory. To help you make your decision, we listed here the benefits of using FOM from various users' points of view.

IT Administrators

  • FOM uses pure HTML and Javascript, with a java backend
  • The FOM User Interface is supported by all the common internet browsers
  • There is no need to install any software on the client side
  • A well-designed and user-friendly interface
  • FOM supports optional hardware instrument access control

Instrument Managers

  • Get rid of all the paper logsheets. All the tasks are done online
  • Unlike other general purpose calendars, FOM is designed with the management of scientific instruments in mind
  • You can manage your instrument even when you are away from your office
  • Have everything organized: user training and authorization, consumables tracking and re-ordering, and many more
  • You have full control on all of the usage details of an instrument
  • FOM accommodates the most complicated yet easy to configure rules and fee structures in facility management
  • The FOM designers are real-life facility managers, so you have no language barrier when talking about software customization.

Business Administrators

  • Better communication with all users, supervisors, vendors, and manufacturers' tech supports
  • Fully automated billing and invoicing
  • Only one click is needed to download statistical reports, with fully customizable styles and formats
  • Track back auditing records in an instant
  • Financial plans and budgeting is made easy


  • As a group leader, you want to know how your group members best utilize shared resources
  • FOM provides the most accurate information that you need, at any time when you want, in any format you desire

Internal Users

  • When you need to use a shared resource, you do not need to ask around how and when you may use it
  • Just register an account in FOM and all of the resource schedules are listed there
  • You can get a detailed usage report at any time without talking with the facility manager
  • If there's a problem, you may report it conveniently with automatic emails to the manager
  • You can purchase supplies whenever you need to, without talking to a manager

External Users

  • You can see the schedule and reserve your session at work, at home, or in another country
  • You may request technical assistance, discuss collaborations, and upload or download experiment results whenever you need to
  • You will receive accurate invoice documents with detailed usage information
  • You can check the invoiced records with your own FOM downloads to make sure the invoice is accurate

Funding agencies

  • No matter what type of reports you need or how often you need them, FOM always has it ready
  • F0M can provide any data, including how the funded resources have been used, accurately


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